i will join a cult praying for beauty
subtract line 22c from
line 22a
22d minus line 22b
when all we have are other people's dreams
we have to get bored
& see what happens
haven't you heard?
thats the last cloud that will pass here as long as we live

take off your shirt.
take off your pants, your socks, your shoes, your eyebrow piercings.
of what kind are these?
of what species?
and what kingdom?
allow the hands to soften, unclench, open, whisper what names we have
invented & set them sailing on the wind
of humility, the quavering breeze of humanity

drive to kitten

or garbanzo is ringing in my ears
red wine and ghosts with dinner?

a sip of suck me in
deep the upside down
soft giggles deep still
but rustling
slick wits,

something bitter, or the sweetness that sickens

ancient soft of the universe
sloth & quiet

"too humble to be humiliated & thus invincible"

now is a time to watch and see what happens
there are strange numbers on the clocks
hours that have never passed before
animals sit side by side crying
"no one understands me"

the day shatters across the sand
we round the lake of us
& watch the sun rise
we are almost home

list of animals that can auto-fellate

some humans

(please contact the author if you know of animals missing from this list)

stone masons & bricklayers,
an egg may balance on the equinox,
but all falls down
& every humpty dumpty has his day

cmon big boy
use your words
you stink like an asshole
you stink like a rock

slime of ages Rest
set yourself aside
timeout. take it,
back to the store
if they will. we don't know
the rules. wednesday nights
were the rowdiest

are there words
is there a spell
to draw the suck right out
to oust the drama, the tragedy,
the simple malaise?
nothing is simple
but all things are
vast & deep & oceans
among them.

things that may scare you on your way
love & lust & uncertainty,
change, of course,
& the low growl of a Swede on a dark forest path

the kind of exhale that makes you forget who
you are
forego every notion, habit, & inclination
stirring a moment as confusing as birth

a breath that begs where am i
what am i doing
how did i get here

run inside yourself
& play among the flowers there
& ask them how they grow.

run outside yourself
& play among the flowers there
& ask them how they grow.

oh, how depressing
what terrible news
what a sad species, humanity
but the kingdom of creatures is unsurprised
what could kill humans but humans

surging yellow! whistling green!
the earth's first surprise
after forgetful winter
the same old scene begins anew
& the world waits with excitement
a tree in half bloom
another full with withered blossoms
above the nickle-width graveyard next to taco bell

smoke on the trains
sirens ring across the radios
do not worry ladies and gentlemen
do not worry in your drunk
someone's opened a falafel stand on the platform
trains are running more slowly
so you can all get falafel
don't let this haze jar you from yours

surround yourself with friends
every one is here
all these people are here
& how quickly you will be alone

a blue hour
between the sun & the moon
the haze of darkness is thick
between the earth & the clouds

there's some perfection in this silence
in this still
each breath heavy
as the unstoppable night
after the slinking day

"can i have your autograph?"

all waving
generous & genuine
children like children
billowing uncertain smiles
in the wind of their short lives

we applaud vigorously
we applaud to the beat
& after everyone has applauded
& everyone has bowed
& the director has asked for herself to be thanked
they run to their parents
so small it is shocking

waiting for the rain next to a pile of dog poo
crying in the sunshine after the rain
the saddest thing is not to cry
the saddest thing is to miss
your goodbye

stone or water
& glass between them
wash for centuries
a bath that gobbles days
& mountains

take off your shoes
take off your belt

collars & blush too close for comfort
combovers & eyeliner prepare to meet their sky
oh mess of humanity
oh divinities & deities
help us breathe each others breath
these five half grueling hours
bubblegum the ecstatic display:
a sunset mt st helens sky over our great waters,
so rarely known.
clean the white carpet

porthole of no horizon
porthole of endless vision
porthole of vaporous earth

chamber of innocence

flight of the wingless

there is no fall before rise

oh beach of uncertainty
oh rising tide
rush & swell

breathe the life that embraces you

the worst you will do is drown

roiling beauties in an existential room

pick your scabs in the quiet
after all excitement

trespassing halls of ambition
money or heart

fill jealous the cup that knows not its vine

no thing shall gasp for meaning
whats fake shall whisper truth
emptiness glance itself
find a corporeal mirror
for the really real

anxious birds urge black tufts of night into blue good mornining
gray clouds squat like girls unsure if they should rain
they play resting games

will you stay this time,
the crickets ask
as night turns to dream

talent show, 2012