illustrated by matt spevack

maybe its a big joke

is your lucky

1 2
3 4

get ready for bed
donut hole
its dark in my belly

maybe he's not talking to us

a pen flows pink
birds chirp in the ears of a reader

rainbows stream beautiful
across the pages
unicorns jump over them

in heaven
they have the best video games of all
i can't wait

a bird chirps
in your ear
as you gargle.
your teeth were so dirty today

a fox nibbles
at your toes
do you like that, baby?

it doesn't matter what you write
just the color paper you write on

stay slimy
good advice
if you want to fall in a ditch

she told me
she liked my socks
they were the best pancakes i ever had

this one is for the smiles

lemon drop
morning dove
olive tree

stark naked
if were lucky
stark raving mad
(written on red, 2011)

shega imotel rabous amon
lagour shallop ting
sluth sluth sluth
eerlop karum karum
seesa seesa leap

14 walnut
off market
where the roost is

a small ship in a vast ocean
an otter wears an apron
makes you lamb chops

floating in space
are still cucumbers

don't worry
you don't know
what you don't know

armor & bloodletting
easing & fall
isn't it nice to exist?

stay slimy
tiny dancer
meet the moon in the starlight

black eyes of a rat
nose like a mouth
dripping sweat

getting dirty
hot wet
soft wet

getting down
low low

a paddleboat is always
eager to please

snowflake & sunflash
river run
through the woods

oh gray stone
dressed in snow
who grew old
and died below?

lick your fingers
through the snow
white house
on steady lane

learning to breathe
in the back of the car

reclaim america
from certitude.
what you don't know
is all you need.

tuna fish
in the rivers
of my saliva
& my mind

forget what you remember
this is a crazy coincidence
the leaves have fallen
crumble in lips & softness

do you remember what made it so magical?
or did you forget
what we did with our hands?

he lived
in no way notably
& parted from this earth
without the slightest

a darling
& brando's old girl

cream filling
an all star cast
cherry on top

slippery breath
wore moccasins

slop city
spoon fed
trying on shoes

walk to miami
from vancouver
& tell me about it.

sleeping coyote
does not bite

words from my brain

pony love
happy drizzle
its all right

you will encounter infinities
soft, supple, & quiet
how many, i do not know.
the simplest thing will be to pass them by

run a bath for futility
dirty the water

what stirs the surface
& what stirs the depths

slipslide rickshaw
dogbite electric eel
electric eel electric eel

little gems glisten
in your underpants

forget what
you mean

ugly poem
so what
live a little

curl around
dude religion
sweeten to taste

do you mind if i write you
a poem

do you mind?

good advice if you want to fall in a ditch, 2011
serious relief